• What computer-assisted translation tools do you use?
    We employ the Translation Memory (TM) technology. TM does not mean machine translation. TM is no substitute for a human translator, rather the technology helps the translator to identify in the text he/she is working on fragments similar to those translated earlier. With the TM technology productivity gains can be achieved, terminology can be used more consistently, clear wording once found can be reused, customer glossaries (preferred terminology) can be adhered to more thoroughly. Such CAT tools as Trados and Wordfast are built on the TM technology and are applied by La Vista translators bringing you some extra benefits: through optimizing the costs we are able to keep our rates attractive.
  • How is translation quality management implemented in La Vista?
    As soon as it has been translated, the text is processed by our editor who pays special attention to the style, terminology, and spelling. If you wish so, the translation can be edited by a native speaker of the target language. Then the translation that has been proofread and edited is delivered to you. If you are one of our returning customers, the opportunity of quality follow-up is relevant to you. As a professional in your industry, you know the industry-specific terminology better than we do. Even though we do our best to follow the terminology traditionally used in your industry, you may have comments to the language we have used. Your comments are always welcome (we will appreciate if you submit them in writing) and we will incorporate them in our work on your future orders.
  • May I ask you to send a courier to pick up the documents to be translated and to arrange courier delivery of the translation?
    Sure. You are welcome to order our courier delivery services. If you order the translation of more than 5 pages, courier services will be offered free of charge.
  • My company needs the translation of confidential documents related to the launch of a new product. Are you able to guarantee confidential treatment of the information that will be disclosed to you?
    We strictly adhere to the confidentiality requirements and we are ready to execute a confidentiality agreement. Here you will find our standard General Terms and Conditions including the confidentiality clause. If you prefer to use your own version of the confidentiality agreement, we are always open to suggestions.
  • May I expect to be granted a discount if I intend to order the translation of a 230-page publication?
    We have a flexible pricing policy. We value each of our customers, making concessions and offering discounts on an individual basis. If you are a returning customer, if you intend to place a large order and if you never forget to pay for our services, you should expect a personal discount.
  • How can I pay for your services?
    If you are an individual customer, you can pay in cash in La Vista office or to the courier. If you are a corporate customer, you can pay by bank wire transfer to La Vista account whose details you will find in the end of the General Terms and Conditions.
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  • How long does it take to translate 100, 200, 500, 1,000 pages?
    Typically, it takes a business week to produce a quality translation of 100 pages, 3 weeks to translate 500 pages, and 5 weeks to translate 1,000 pages. We will be able to provide a more accurate estimate once we have seen the content.
  • Is it reasonable to entrust a nonnative speaker with the task of translating a text into the nonnative target language?
    To give an accurate answer, one should know the purpose the translation is intended for. The international standard practice is to assign translation only to native speakers of the target language. Though, two specific factors typical of the Russian language services market should be considered, if you need a translation into a language other than Russian: unavailability of the sufficient supply of native speakers of foreign languages to meet the demand and, crucially, the vast gap (up to 3-4 times) between the rates charged by native and nonnative speakers. Therefore, our general advice is to hire a native translator where the content is intended for the audience native in the target language (other than Russian) and where accurate perception of the content is of essence. If this is not the case, you have the opportunity to obtain value for money by hiring one of our professional Russian translators.
  • I need quality translation of a complicated specialized text. Could you translate a sample abstract from the text so that I can see whether the translation meets my quality requirements?
    Sure. Feel free to order a sample page free of charge.
  • Do you distinguish between rush and first come, first served service? What criteria do you apply? What is the rush service surcharge?
    We do distinguish between first come, first served and rush orders. The upper limit on the number of pages that can be translated on the first come, first served basis is 20 pages per day. Rush service surcharge depends on several factors (amount of work and complexity of the order, whether overtime or weekend work is required), thus it is determined on an individual basis. Here's why we have selected this rush order criterion: simply, that is the amount of work that can be done in a day's time by two professional translators. Why can't you divide the assignment between three or more translators to speed up the process, you may ask. We can, though the more translators are involved, the harder it is to ensure consistent terminology and style and to guarantee a constant quality level (editing is of little help in this situation). Therefore, we try to avoid dividing a single order between more than two translators - for the sake of quality and the customer's satisfaction with the outcome.
  • Does La Vista accept weekend and public holiday orders?
    Sure. We do accept orders on the first come, first served basis irrespective of whether the deadline includes weekends and public holidays. If you are placing a rush order and the execution deadline includes weekends or public holidays, we will agree the extra surcharge on an individual basis. We hope for your understanding: to maintain the quality level you expect translators need rest and free time to spend with their families and friends and to invest in their professional development. Being business people, you should understand that it is impossible to commit all your resources to short-term objectives without sacrificing the prospects of your business. Therefore we believe that an extra compensation to the translators and editors for a higher than regular workload is quite reasonable.
  • Can I email a text for translation in the evening and have it translated overnight?
    Yes, we accept overnight orders. Since they are executed late in the evening or in the night, you should expect an overnight surcharge to apply. If you intend to place overnight orders regularly, please consider our Rush Service: in this case we will execute an addendum to the General Terms and Conditions stipulating the overnight service terms.
  • Can you translate a text from one foreign language into another?
    Sure! We readily accept orders for translation from one foreign language into another. Moreover, you will never be invoiced for the translation into or from Russian as the intermediate language. We will offer a single rate that will be lower than that for the double translation. We do our best to assign these orders to translators who have command of both foreign languages, so that the whole order is executed by a single translator thus cutting the costs and eliminating the risk of distortion of meaning inherent to double translation.
  • Are you able to produce a notarized translation of a document?
    Sure! We partner with a few of Moscow notaries public to be able to obtain notarized translations and copies immediately. After the notarization procedure you will receive your document (the original or its notarized copy) with the translation attached and certified with the translator's signature and the notary's seal and signature. At your request, the documents will be delivered by our courier (free of charge if you have ordered the translation of more than 5 pages).
  • Does the translation agency's seal on the translation have legal effect?
    At your request, we can certify the translation with La Vista's corporate seal though we give no warranties that this certification will have any legal effect.
  • How can I have my document apostillized? How long does this procedure tale?
    To have your document apostillized, we will need the document itself (the original or notarized copy, depending on the type of the document and its origin) and the power of attorney with which you authorize us to have your document apostillized for you. Usually it takes from 1 to 5 business days to have the apostille attached.
  • Which documents require notarization and which require apostille?
    Everything depends on the requirements of the intended recipient of the document, the jurisdiction where the document is supposed to be filed, and the document's nature. Follow the guidelines below, though if you have any doubts feel free to ask our advice.
    • Only official documents (statements, academic credentials, certificates, powers of attorney, constitutional documents, etc.) are eligible for the apostille. Commercial documents are not eligible for the apostille.
    • Only documents issued in the same country are eligible for the apostille In other words, in Russia apostille can be attached only to documents of Russian origin.
    • If a document is executed in Russian but has a seal in a foreign language, the document is considered a document of foreign origin. You can neither obtain a notarized copy of the document nor have the apostille attached to it.
    • Documents issued in the republics of the former USSR before 1992 are eligible for the apostille.
    • All seals in the document submitted for the apostille must be readable.
    • Russia has treaties on the legal assistance and legal relations in civil, family, and criminal cases with the following countries: Azerbaijan, Algeria, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, China, North Korea, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Yemen, Poland, Romania, Tunisia, Estonia, Yugoslavia. To be recognized in these jurisdictions the document needs only to be translated and notarized.
  • I want to order language services from La Vista. What is the procedure?
    If you intend to order our interpreting services, email or call us to discuss all details.
    If you intent to order our translation services, first please let us have a look at the content you want to be translated. You can either email the content, bring it to our office, or call in our courier. We will examine the content and send you a quote specifying all conditions governing the execution of the order: rate, deadline, discounts, surcharges. If you accept the offer, we will sign the General Terms and Conditions, confidentiality agreement and other addenda (where appropriate). If it is your first order at La Vista, we will ask you to make the prepayment of 50% of the estimated total price. If you are a returning customer, you pay once the order has been completed.
  • Do I have to make a prepayment before you start the work on my documents?
    If you are a returning customer, your orders are executed without any prepayment. You do not have to pay until we have completed the order and you have received it. If it is your first order at La Vista, we will ask you to make the prepayment of 50% of the estimated total price.
  • How can I get a quote for your services?
    If you are interested in translation services, please email or bring to us the original content so that we can have a look at it. We will examine it immediately and send you our quote.
    If you are interested in interpreting services, please email or call us so that we can discuss the details. The outcome of the discussion will be our quote.
    We will be happy to answer any your question regarding our services by email or phone.
  • If I want the special terminology used in the text to be translated in a specific way, how can I communicate my preferences to the translator?
    Please submit your instructions in writing or compile a glossary (bilingual terminology list) and email it to us, and the translator will adhere to your instructions when working on the text.
  • Do you have minimum order volume requirements?
    We have no such requirements. We love to receive orders no matter whether they are several lines or thousands of pages.
  • How is the text length calculated? What do you call a page?
    The standard page we use to calculate the text length and the price of its translation is 1,800 characters with spaces according to the word count in Microsoft Word or any other text processor.